5 Vastu Tips To Get Blessings Of Goddess Laxmi

It is considered inauspicious to have darkness in the house in the evening.

According to the astrologer, a lamp must be lit at the entrance of the house after sunset for happiness and prosperity.

For happiness, peace, wealth, and prosperity, individuals often turn to various rituals and practices. In astrology, pleasing Goddess Lakshmi is considered a key to attaining these desires. While many people worship the goddess and observe fasts, astrology suggests specific rituals performed after sunset to invite the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

According to Pt. Rishikant Mishra Shastri, an astrologer from Unnao, following these post-sunset Vastu tips can bring wealth into the house and dispel negative energy. However, these rituals must be conducted with a pure heart, free from malice or deceit.

Light a Lamp: After sunset, it is recommended to light a lamp at the main entrance of the house. Additionally, if there is a Tulsi plant near the entrance, a lamp should be lit near it as well. During this time, one should pray for happiness and prosperity from Goddess Lakshmi. This practice is believed to alleviate life’s problems.

Maintain Silence: Observing silence for a certain period after sunset is advised. This silent time not only enhances the benefits of worship but also helps in avoiding domestic troubles.

Bow to Ancestors: An essential evening ritual is bowing to one’s ancestors. After paying respects, lighting a lamp in front of their photograph is recommended. This practice is believed to bring freedom from defects and foster happiness and prosperity in the family.

Avoid Sleeping and Eating: Sleeping or eating immediately after sunset is considered inauspicious. Such practices are believed to have adverse effects on health and finances. Scriptures often designate the time of sunset for worship.

Keep the House Well-Lit: Darkness in the house after sunset is considered inauspicious. To counter this, it is advisable to keep the house well-lit by switching on all lights. This practice is believed to pave the way for progress in life.

Following these Vastu tips with sincerity and dedication is thought to bring about positive changes in one’s life, inviting the blessings and favour of Goddess Lakshmi.

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