8 Crypto to consider buying now for the next bull run in 2024

With Bitcoin recently hitting $44K for the first time since April 2022, time is running out to buy crypto’s cheap before the bull run sends prices soaring. However, identifying the projects with the highest potential is challenging. We’ve considered tokenomics, use cases, market trends, hype, and partnerships to provide the best eight cryptos to buy now. Let’s explore each of them.

Bitcoin ETF token
Our top pick for the best crypto to buy ahead of the next bull run is Bitcoin ETF Token. Typically, Bitcoin-related tokens perform well alongside the market leader. However, the newly launched presale Bitcoin ETF Token offers a one-of-a-kind use case and is closely tied to the widely anticipated Bitcoin ETF approvals.

The project features multiple tools to reward holders as the Bitcoin ETFs are approved. The most hyped is its deflationary mechanism, which drives scarcity and fear of missing out (FOMO) into the project, potentially skyrocketing its price.

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Bitcoin ETF Token’s burn mechanism is two-fold. First, it has allocated 25% of its total supply to be burned across five key Bitcoin ETF Milestones. Second, it features a 5% burn tax on transactions, which will be reduced by 1% at each milestone.

It also boasts a staking mechanism which currently offers a 97% APY. Presale buyers can start staking and compounding their investment immediately, but they must be quick as the rewards decrease as more people stake tokens.

The project also offers Bitcoin ETF alerts via its website, updating users on the latest industry news. This will help foster and retain an active and engaged community.

Bitcoin ETF Token’s presale is quickly nearing its $4.9 million hard cap after raising $2.7 million in one month.

Meme Kombat
Meme Kombat is a revolutionary meme coin-cross GambleFi token, providing an innovative use case, robust tokenomics, and a position at the cusp of two of crypto’s most prominent trends.

The project enables users to gamble on AI-generated battles between meme coin characters. It boasts numerous game modes, massive community rewards, and traditional odds mechanics, making for a truly immersive gambling experience.

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Essentially, this use case adds a gamified meme coin allure to the exciting crypto casino trend, which has seen significant success recently.

Users must wager with the $MK token, creating a steady and predictable demand stream to help the price grow.

On the other hand, much of the supply will be locked up in the project’s lucrative staking mechanism. Currently, stakers can garner a 333% APY, this will decrease as the staking pool grows, similar to Bitcoin ETF Token.

Another massively bullish factor is the project’s security. It features a doxxed team, with its founder’s details available on its website. Furthermore, blockchain security firm Coinsult recently conducted a smart contract audit, which found the $MK token is secure and not at risk of hacks or exploits.

Investors can buy the Meme Kombat presale for $0.225, but they must hurry because its price will rise in just over one day.

Avalanche is a scalable and decentralised layer 1 blockchain boasting a vast ecosystem. The project focuses mainly on DeFi and crypto gaming, two of crypto’s most promising use cases.

The AVAX price has recently begun a solid upward trajectory, currently trading at $26.26 and up 25% this week. As such, it has fared as the best-performing top 10 crypto, ahead of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and others, indicating a growing bullish narrative around the project.

Moreover, AVAX has surged over 100% this month, solidifying its current trajectory. That said, there remains significant room for growth in the bull run, with its market cap at less than $10 billion.

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Avalanche could climb significantly higher in the upcoming bull run because its ecosystem is arguably expanding faster than any other. The project has seen adoption from leading financial institutions like JP Morgan and Citi. Meanwhile, tier-one games like Shrapnel, Blitz, and Off The Grid are all building on the network.

This is significantly bullish for the AVAX coin since it is used for staking and will be the primary currency to transfer value and pay network transaction fees, providing significant demand as adoption grows.

After a meteoric rise to become the third largest meme coin in the recent bear market, Pepe suffered a drawn-out pullback, dropping from highs of $0.000004354 on 6 May to $0.0000006446 in October.

However, a renewed excitement surrounding the project caused its price to spike and break its bearish trajectory. Pepe reached highs of $0.000001141 on 10 November and then underwent another almost month-long consolidation.

Yet, in recent days, the price has broken its consolidation resistance trend line, catapulting it 40% this week and making it one of the top-performing meme coins.

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$PEPE is currently up 8.5% on the last day, priced at $0.000001534, and could continue to recover during the Bitcoin bull run.

Taking a long-term outlook, Pepe holds tremendous upside potential. It has a $640 million market cap, providing room for almost 3x growth to its ATH. Meanwhile, it presents room for nearly 8x to catch Shiba Inu by market cap and almost 20x to Dogecoin,opening the door to monumental gains for Pepe.

Alongside its price increase, Pepe’s trading volume has also surged recently. Currently, it is at $490 million. This is higher than Shiba Inu’s, which is currently at $466 million and not far behind Dogecoin’s $1.2 billion, despite a significantly lower market cap.

TG Casino
TG Casino is a pioneering new crypto casino offering anonymous and secure gambling directly from the Telegram application, as seen on sites like Techopedia and Rakeback.com.

Launching on Telegram provides various usability advantages, like a simplified betting process, end-to-end encryption, and access to Telegram’s one billion users.

Meanwhile, the project is KYC-free, and users only need to connect their wallets to start. This makes the Casino seamless, providing a massive advantage over market leader Rollbit, which is criticised for its complex signup process.

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The $TGC token also provides numerous advantages to holders, like free rewards, access to exclusive games and rooms, 25% cashback on losses, up to 200% rakeback, and a 173% staking APY.

This creates a notable demand source that will push up the $TGC price. Meanwhile, it also features a cutting-edge buyback mechanism, repurchasing $TGC tokens from the open market with a portion of the casino’s revenue.

It will burn 40% of tokens and allocate 60% to staking rewards, making $TGC deflationary while rewarding holders in line with the casino’s success.

These factors amount to significant price potential, as highlighted by esteemed influencer Eric Cryptoman, who said it could be a “top runner” once it launches on exchanges.

Investors can buy TG Casino at presale for $0.175 but must hurry as its price will rise shortly.

Bitcoin Minetrix
Another presale crypto offering a revolutionary use case is Bitcoin Minetrix. The project has raised $4.9 million in two months, indicating tremendous community interest.

Bitcoin Minetrix enables users to mine Bitcoin by staking $BTCMTX on its Ethereum-based platform. Users stake their $BTCMTX tokens for mining credits, which they can burn for cloud mining power.

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This process enables anyone to mine Bitcoin, a tremendously powerful use case – especially considering the upcoming Bitcoin halving and anticipated price hike it will incur.

Since it is based on cloud mining, users do not require hardware or specialist knowledge, and there are no overhead costs. Moreover, its decentralised and transparent $BTCMTX token eradicates the risk of cloud mining scams.

Another advantage is there are no space or noise constraints for the user.

All these factors provide immense value to Bitcoin mining, potentially moving the industry toward mass adoption, and $BTCMTX could therefore benefit from the next Bitcoin bull run.

Moreover, the $BTCMTX token is central to the operation, with users requiring it for staking. This equates to a significant demand stream. Meanwhile, supply will be scarce since tokens will be locked for staking, and rewards will be paid out in mining credits, not $BTCMTX.

IOTA is a well-established cryptocurrency that was deemed an Ethereum–competitor in the 2017 bull run. However, it seemingly lost steam in the last bull market as its price failed to create a new ATH.

Nevertheless, IOTA has gathered significant momentum recently, up 75% this week, with a $900 million market cap and price of $0.304.

That said, it retains tremendous room for growth, currently 94% from its December 2017 ATH of $5.69.

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This could be a good crypto to buy ahead of the next bull run because its recent pump indicates a growing interest and potential trend reversal. Meanwhile, its upside potential is vast and boasts robust fundamentals.

IOTA aims to build an “Internet of Things” leveraging a unique network architecture called “The Tangle,” which makes the network more scalable as more people use it.

It will integrate real-world items into the blockchain, providing a fast and secure distributed network where data can flow seamlessly and securely.

There are infinite potential use cases for the project. Some of the most talked about are supply chain management, digital identities, and a “digital twin,” which tracks the lifecycle of a real-life object such as a car, helping reduce the risk of fraud in the used car market.

While many other top cryptos have experienced massive bullish momentum in recent weeks, XRP has remained relatively stable, up roughly 30% since October.

It is currently priced at $0.617, with a $33 billion market cap.

Yet, the exciting thing about the current XRP price is that it is just 20% higher than before its landmark partial victory over the SEC in its lawsuit.

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The currency was ruled not a security by the court, providing an unprecedented degree of legal clarity not present in any other crypto. Immediately, XRP’s price spiked to upwards of $0.8 but pulled back after the SEC appealed the court’s decision.

Nevertheless, the court denied the SEC’s appeal, but the price did not react as expected. Instead, it has consolidated between $0.58 and $0.62 while the rest of the market has soared.

Given XRP’s growing regulatory certainty, compelling use case as a global bridge currency for digital payments, and its market-leading partnerships, its price could be gearing for a tremendous pump in the coming weeks.

This is furthered by its recent inactivity, increasing its upside potential relative to other cryptos that have already pumped.

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