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By Arslan Hassan on Jul 11, 2023

Companionship is integral to living a healthy and happy life. Family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers can enrich our lives in ways we do not even expect. Pets are the same. They provide truly incomparable company.

Dogs, in particular, are excellent companions. They are loyal, smart, loving, and full of care. Ask any dog owner, and they will let you know what their dog means to them. This is because dogs reciprocate love and care in equal measure.

For some dog owners, their relationship with their dog is even more meaningful than many human relationships. A pet, after all, is very much like a child. They require love and crave attention. This creates a strong bond which is the basis of a lifelong relationship. 

Adopting A Dog

You have decided to get a dog. Now, there are a few different options you have when it comes to finding a dog that you want to become a part of your house.

There are millions of dogs abandoned each year. Around 3.1 million dogs are left at shelters. Many of these dogs never find a permanent home and live in the shelter throughout their life.

The great news is that awareness of adopting shelters has increased. Two million dogs are adopted from shelters each year.

What You Should Know About When Adopting A Dog

While shelter dogs are greatly misunderstood, there are a few things you need to be aware of when adopting one. Primarily, there is a huge chance that you will get a big dog. Larger dogs are frequently found in shelters since their size often requires owners to undertake additional responsibilities and care. 

Big dogs have specific needs, and caring for them is a bigger responsibility. Here are some essential things you need to remember when adopting a large dog:

Providing Comfort

A majority of your dog’s time is spent indoors, especially if you are not loving on a farm or have space outdoors. Big dogs require a much larger space to feel comfortable.

A dog needs its own space to move around and relax. Small dogs are impacted enough to find even the smallest apartments and spaces comfortable.

This is just not the case with bid dogs. Big dogs need space. Large dogs can only thrive when they have a comfortable environment. 

Make sure you have plenty of room for your furry friend to move around, play and relax. It can be tempting to adopt a big dog as they look so majestic. However, you need to prioritize your dog’s comfort.

Comfort is not just limited to the space you provide. Big dogs have specific needs, and it is important that whatever you buy for them consider their size. For example, selecting the right bed for your dog is essential. It must be the appropriate size, and it should be soft and comfortable. 

Similarly, buy toys, leashes, crates, and other accessories suitable for your dog’s size.

Be Prepared To Feed Them

Their large size naturally means that big dogs eat more. Big dogs have more muscle mass and require more energy for tasks like smaller dogs. 

Make sure you have plenty of food to keep your dog satiated. Get bigger cases of dog food; better yet, cook a meal yourself. Cooking at home saves money, and you can make sure your dog gets the maximum nutrients.

Start Training Immediately

One very crucial thing is training. Some adopted dogs have prior training, yet living in a shelter facility means they may need to be re-educated in living in a home. 

This is especially true for big dogs, who are more prone to accidents. Start training immediately so your dog can find their bearings quickly. Training is not just a way to make your dog behave. It is the way you help your dog to navigate the world and thrive in it.

It is hard to overstate the importance of training, but for big dogs, it is integral to their well-being. Teaching them how you move about in the house prevents them from getting hurt. 

Plenty Of Exercises

Many breeds of bigger dogs, like the Golden Retriever and the Great Dane, love being outdoors. Big dogs need a lot of exercise to help maintain their physical prowess.

Big dogs have a higher muscle mass and greater bone density. To maintain their physique and stay in shape, your dog must get plenty of exercise. Aim for one to two hours of exercise daily.

Big Dogs Equal Big Love

No doubt, having a big dog means more work. Big dogs are also more expensive since they have greater dietary requirements, and caring for larger dogs takes more effort, so veterinary and dog-sitting services are more costly.

But having a big dog, especially one that is adopted, is a good thing. While they may look intimidating, big dogs are much calmer and emotionally stable. Think of small dogs being feisty teenagers while big dogs are the responsible older sibling. 

Although adopting a big dog may be challenging, the benefits make it well worth the effort. Having a large dog around feels like having your loyal companion by your side constantly.

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