Apple Could Bring iPhone-Like MagSafe Charging To iPad Pro In 2024: Report

Apple is expected to bring OLED iPads in 2024.

Apple is expected to release updated iPad Pro models in 2024, and a recent report suggests that it may also feature MagSafe charging with a glass back.

Apple is widely expected to revamp its entire iPad lineup next year, considering the lack of new releases throughout 2023. One model in particular that could undergo major changes is the iPad Pro. Not only is the Pro lineup expected to make the switch to OLED panels, moving past the miniLED and LCD displays, according to Mark Gurman, but now MacRumors is reporting that it may also get MagSafe charging.

This information was revealed by a source familiar with companies that make magnets for Apple products.

You might be wondering how the iPad Pro could wirelessly charge with its metal body. Well, for starters, it is possible that Apple may redesign the iPad Pro to feature a glass back, but this isn’t confirmed. However, this would make the models more fragile considering the large glass area.

Another possibility is that the iPad gets Mac-like MagSafe charging. MacRumors notes that Apple is working on a “Mac-like” aluminum Magic keyboard for the iPad, so MagSafe could be intended for it. For now, though, these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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With that said, other industry insiders and experts, including Mark Gurman, have previously stated that Apple was planning for a glass back for the iPad Pro 2022, but that, of course, never made it to the public. However, it could be possible that Apple held it off for a future release, and it could very well be the next-gen iPad Pro that releases next year. It is also worth noting that the current iPad Pro lineup has had more or less the same design since 2018, so an overhaul could be due.

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