Bobby Deol Defends His Character In Animal, Calls Him A ‘Romantic’ Who Would Kill For His Family

Bobby Deol is currently basking in the success of his recent movie Animal. While his performance has been appreciated by fans, the character has also received much backlash for several reasons. Fans wanted to see the actor for more than 15 minutes of run time, but many also complained about this character being a rapist and a veil murderer. However, in a recent interview, Bobby Deol has defended his character.

During an interview with Zoom Entertainment, the actor revealed that he doesn’t judge his characters and played Abrar as if he was the hero of his own story. He explained, “I didn’t look at myself as a villain in the film because Abrar loses his grandfather in front of his eyes, who burns himself, and that shock takes away his voice. So, he swears that he’ll avenge his grandfather’s death, and he’s a very family-oriented man. He’s romantic; he has three wives and would kill for his family.”

Bobby Deol also revealed that, both him and Ranbir Kapoor were confused as to who do they sympathise with in the film. However, fans were not happy with many aspects of Abrar and called him out for showing abuse and nonconsenual sex with his wives.

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The actor explained his backstory is something that would made fans sympathies with him. He told the portal, “So, that was the thought that was there in my mind while playing it. That’s why when you see the character, you feel for the character, even though he’s supposed to be the antagonist. And I think when we were shooting the fight sequence, even Ranbir said that to me, ‘We don’t know who to sympathise with.’”

The film directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga is led by Ranbir Kapoor alongside Rashmika Mandanna and Anil Kapoor. It follows the story of a son and his love hate relationship with his father. Meanwhile Bobby Deol plays the villain who wants to exact revenge for his grandfather.

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