#EpsteinClientList Explained: Why Woody Allen, Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio Are Named In Court Documents

Earlier this week a US federal judge unsealed hundreds of pages of court documents from a lawsuit related to deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. These documents reportedly were claimed by people online to include names of Epstein’s clients or co-conspirators. However, much of the documents released currently are similar to the data about the trial that has been out already for years.

Who was Jeffrey Epstein?

Epstein for years was only known as a millionaire associating with celebrities, politicians, billionaires and academic stars. In 2005 he arrested in Palm Beach, Florida and accused of paying a 14-year-old girl for sex. After being let on bail he roamed free for better part of a decade, he was once again arrested and charged in 2019 with sex trafficking. He died reportedly by suicide awaiting his trial.

What are these sealed court documents?

The court documents are the documentation of court proceedings, possibly some evidence submitted during the case. They were part of a 2015 lawsuit filed against Maxwell by one of Epstein’s victims. According to reports the seal documents are of around 250 pages and only the first 40 were released on Wednesday night.

What names do they include?

And the names noted in them include some of the most successful Hollywood actors and US politicians. According to reports, some of the names mentioned in the newly unsealed documents include Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Cameron Diaz, Bruce Willis and Kevin Spacey. Meanwhile, Forbes shared the details of the court documents and mentions of former president Donald Trump.

How are these names mentioned? What does it mean for the named?

However, it is been known that Jeffrey Epstein maintained friendships with many big names including Former President Bill Clinton and other famous actors and actresses. Their mentions do not imply their party to any wrongdoings related to Epstein’s case. Some of the names dropped in the proceeding are only as someone Epstein may have known or mentioned.


Both mentions are from a witness, Sjoberg’s deposition. One described an incident in 2001, of Epstein’s trip to Trump’s Casino. She was quoted saying, “The pilot’s told me to go back and tell [Epstein] that we can’t land in New York and that we were going to have to land in Atlantic City. Jeffrey said, Great, we’ll call up Trump and we’ll go to — I don’t recall the name of the casino, but — we’ll go to the casino.”

The second time former US President has been mentioned included Sjoberg being asked a question. “Did you ever massage Donald Trump?” she answered, “No.”

Similarly, one other name mentioned Michael Jackson’s, which is also part of Sjoberg’s deposition. He is quoted in Forbes saying, “I met Michael Jackson … At Jeffrey’s house in Palm Beach. Q: Did you massage him? A: I did not.”

What other names could be on the list?

More names are expected to be released in different context. But it is unclear how long it will take for all of the unsealed documents to be made public. According to reports some people have also been appealing to keep their names hidden in the court document. Described as “Doe 110″ in the sealed documents, this indvidual’s “name and association with Epstein has been widely publicized by the media.”

Another identified as “Doe 107″ is urging for her name to be kept sealed arguing she “faces a risk of physical harm in her country of residence.” U.S. District Judge Loretta A. Preska has asked for additional information to support her case by January, 22, 2024.

What are the documents being unsealed?

U.S. District Judge Loretta A. Preska evaluated the documents before deciding if they should be unsealed. In her December order, she stated the records released “because much of the information within them is already public,” revealed AP News.

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