Google Is Bringing ‘AI-Powered’ Customer Support For Mobile Users: How It Works

Last Updated: December 24, 2023, 10:00 IST

Google is slowly building its AI repertoire and people are getting a taste for it

Google has launched Gemini AI in different variants and other AI features through Docs, Gmail and more. But there is more to come.

Google is building steam with Gemini AI that comes in different variants but the public is slowly getting access to its AI chops via different products. And soon, you will get to use Google’s AI-powered customer support through some of its support pages.

The feature has been spotted by 9to5Google this week, who say the beta version of the AI support is available through some of Google’s services like Maps and Google Play.

Chatbots offered by websites aren’t very intuitive and you get pre-defined queries but Google is bringing its dose of AI to this feature, allowing you to ask custom questions, to which the AI tries to do its best and give you the answer.

Google is using a dual-check approach with its AI avatar, as it points out the customer support might falter with accuracy in the responses, which brings human foresight into the equation to give you the best and accurate responses. Google is also increasing the credibility of its AI responses, by citing the sources through which the data is provided to the user.

Google is also seeking feedback from the public, so you get the option to give the responses from AI a thumbs up or down, based on how you rate the resulting content. But like we said, the AI customer support is still in beta which means people will have to wait for a few months before the real thing rolls out for the public, and hopefully, by then, Google will have a robust and accurate AI system that is ready to be shipped with more products.

Google’s AI push is slightly different from Microsoft and OpenAI, as the company has its hardware built capable enough to handle the complex AI tasks. Gemini Nano is already showing its value by running through the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, and that allows Google to advance its AI development, giving more people the chance to get a taste of its AI products.

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