Head To These 6 Restaurants With Good Interiors

When you enter a restaurant, what is the first thing that you see? The interiors, duh! Ever wondered which are the best restaurants with great interiors in your city? We have rounded off exceptional restaurants renowned for their exquisite interiors. Beyond just serving delectable dishes, these dining establishments elevate the entire culinary experience with thoughtfully curated spaces. Immerse yourself in a world of design where ambiance meets innovation, from chic modern decor to timeless elegance. Each venue boasts a unique atmosphere that enhances your dining journey, blending artistry and gastronomy seamlessly. Whether you seek a cozy retreat or a glamorous setting, these restaurants redefine the notion of dining as an immersive sensory adventure, leaving an indelible mark on both your palate and perception of refined ambiance.

Coast & Bloom: A Celebration of Coastal Gastronomy from across the globe

Coast & Bloom offers an enchanting multi-functional venue that transports guests into a realm of coastal charm designed by Nishant Umesh Desai, the Creative Director of Umesh Desai and Associates. The journey to the sun-kissed shores and its culinary gems begins long before the patrons enter the restaurant with a façade that is adorned with full-sized panel metal windows seamlessly connecting the indoors with the outdoors and distressed texture paint and custom wall lamps, both reminiscent of coastal features, setting the tone for the experience that awaits within. The door opens to a vast 110-seater uplifted space, including the Bar, PDR and smoking room. Every element from suspended fabric installation, to wooden-beamed and soft-textured ceilings, hand-stitched jute chandeliers, and stone textured walls, is crafted by coastal artisans to evoke the serenity of the shores. The expansive Private Dining Room is divided with sliding partitions, easily adapted for gatherings, and features an ocean-inspired mural that graces one wall, while jute-adorned screens add drama to the entrance. The boat-shaped dome ceiling, decked with cane and alabaster lights, pays homage to maritime roots and cultural essence, bathing the space in a warm glow.

Address: Unit No. 3 & 4, Second Floor, B Wing, Central Tower, Kohinoor Square, N C Kelkar Road, Dadar West, Mumbai – 400028.

Contact: +91 91370 19345

Timing: 12 pm to 12 am


Situated at the mecca of food gatherings, Nksha is South Bombay’s newest address for premium north Indian indulgence that pays homage to the old Bombay glamour from the eras gone by. Reminiscent of the predominant Art Deco influences from a time dating back to the 1950s, the fine-dine resto bar derives strong influences from Churchgate’s ancient architectural style and is an equal blend of old and contemporary inspirations. The restaurant stands proudly re-imagined on Churchgate Street, an avenue once frequented as the prime location of public dining by the city’s gliterratis and elites.

The space is a well-calibrated amalgam of rarity, delicacy, opulence and art in a simultaneous motion, thanks to the brilliant design sensibility of NSA Architects Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan. The elegance of the space here lies in rather minor details that include geometric shapes and patterns, gold and metal designs, walls, wall sconce and the antique patina finishes. The colour scheme of the space exudes subtlety despite the high contrasts, with deep forest green hues dominating the floor and bright coral shades washing the walls and the ceiling. Walk in to find the thoughtfully purchased cutlery that suitably complements the table top. Other than this, find antique brass and framed arches as the signature elements that check all the boxes for a setting that is a modern luxurious revival of the vintage era.

Where: 1A/1B Rehmat Manzil Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020 India

Call on: 9820475555

Badmaash, Andheri

Setting a new standard for unique dining experiences, located in the heart of Andheri along the bustling streets, Badmaash stands tall as an escape from the chaos into the wilderness. This newly launched restaurant is brought to life by V&RO Hospitality in partnership with renowned celebrity Mouni Roy to elevate your dining experience with its immaculate vibes, progressive Indian food and zesty cocktails.

Imagined by Sapana Jain, founder of Sapana Jain Studio, Badmaash emerges as a playful medley of architectural elements, natural materials along with earthy yet elegant tones. The attention to detail and choice of colours, such as warm grey, gold metals, wood, and greens, contribute to the overall effect, immersing diners in a lush wildlife setting. The interiors of the restaurant have been skillfully designed to create a captivating visual of a tiger roaming in a jungle. This concept is deconstructed in multiple ways and evidently portrayed in every corner of the restaurant. As soon as you enter through the big green door, you are visually greeted by the stark jungle inspired elements like a mounted tiger head made of metal. To the right we have the camouflage area with matching tiger-inspired wallpaper print and fabric that ties the wildlife theme together.

The centre raised round seating with black granite and yellow Jaisalmer stone representing tiger stripes is a unique and eye-catching feature that adds to the overall atmosphere. To create a breezy jungle vibe, the ceiling is patterned with greens and drapings adorned with crafty light fixtures that stand out uniquely on the green background. Incorporating small details like the sandwich leaves on the tables, natural plantain leaves have helped elevate the entire look and feel of the restaurant.

The bar area designed with intricate mirrors and metallic textures is enhanced with high end alcohol bottles placed elegantly, stands out as a prominent space while adding to the overall vibe, making it a perfect spot for sipping on some eclectic drinks.

So go ahead, Be Bold, Be Wild, Be Badmaash at a perfect destination to unwind, relax and have refreshing cocktails!

Address: Badmaash Andheri, B 12, Ghanshyam Chamber, Veera Industrial Estate, Andheri Link Rd, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai.

Time: 12 noon – 1:30 am

For Reservations: +91 74004 91473

Kebab Korner-Intercontinental Marine Drive

Transport yourselves to the era of Indian royalty at Kebab Korner. Delight in the heritage of Raja-Maharaja feasting as you relish succulent kebabs and regal Indian delicacies, each dish a tribute to the artistry of ancient palaces.Since 1960, Kebab Korner has been one of Mumbai’s most loved and iconic Indian restaurants. Here, history meets gastronomy where heritage recipes are given a contemporary touch. Continuing this legacy, the reinvented menu takes you on a culinary journey through the by lanes of the cities and towns that have made Indian cuisine what it is today. It draws inspiration from recipes handed down through generations, and showcases authentic flavours of traditional cooking styles served in an all new avatar. As you look around and enjoy the new ambience- the gleaming glass frontage, the contemporary lines and of course, the sweeping view of the Arabian Sea, much still remains unchanged.

The Nest Blooms with Artistic Flair and Natural Grace

The Nest, a culinary sanctuary nestled in the heart of Mumbai, invites guests to embark on a delightful journey where the beauty of nature harmoniously intertwines with exquisite creativity. Designed to evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication, The Nest offers a unique floral paradise for its guests, redefining the dining experience in the city.

As guests step into The Nest, they are greeted by intricately designed bamboo elements that adorn the space, celebrating the natural beauty of this versatile material. The bamboo work creates an enchanting entrance, setting the tone for the rest of the ambiance.A striking feature of The Nest is the use of jute mats on the ceiling, adding an earthy and rustic touch to the overall decor. This unique design element not only adds warmth but also provides a captivating visual appeal.The ambiance is meticulously curated with soothing off-white, beige, and green tones, creating a serene atmosphere reminiscent of a blossoming garden. These subtle colors enhance the sense of calm and relaxation, inviting guests to unwind in elegance.

The seating arrangements at The Nest feature jute rope chairs that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship. These chairs not only provide comfort but also add a touch of rustic charm, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for guests. Differently shaped carved out shelves on the walls display an array of delightful artifacts, adding character to the space. These shelves serve as both functional storage and decorative elements, showcasing the artistic sensibilities of The Nest. Flowing white drapes, gently swaying in the breeze, are bathed in warm yellow light, creating a sunlit garden-like ambiance. This play of light and fabric adds a touch of ethereal beauty, making every moment spent at The Nest a magical experience. Guests can indulge in intellectual pursuits with a curated library featuring books from diverse genres. The faux fireplace, adorned with carefully chosen decor elements, adds a cozy touch to the ambiance. Its presence enhances the intimate and homely atmosphere, making guests feel right at home.

The stairway at The Nest is thoughtfully designed to represent a homely stairway, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort. The design choice aims to evoke feelings of being in a warm and welcoming home, enhancing the overall dining experience. Adorning the walls are hand-painted frames that showcase the creativity and artistry of human hands. These frames add a personal touch to the decor, creating a gallery-like ambiance that celebrates human expression.Delicate hanging lamps with rope embroidery cast a soft, enchanting glow, illuminating the space with a warm and inviting light. These lamps add a touch of sophistication and elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal, features carefully curated bohemian decor and artifacts that enrich the ambiance, adding a touch of artistic flair. These unique pieces reflect a sense of wanderlust and creativity, creating an atmosphere that is both eclectic and inviting.

Muro Social Club

The journey of Muro’s design story is one of a coming together of a long-standing vision of creating something sophisticated, yet global and a testament to how clean design, great lighting and custom made furniture can create a special space for both diners and the team behind the magic at Muro.

As a social club our idea was to create a space that allows for free-flowing conversations, that allows for a space that engenders socialising and the medium for this is in the selection of colours for the space, the warmth that comes from the wood panels, to specially designed furniture which has been created in a way that allows for tables to have a sense of intimacy, while at the same time if one chooses to they can engage with the high energy of the space.

The space steers clear of stereotypical Asian themes to embrace an atmosphere of fine dining transcending time—whether evoking the 70s or contemporary elegance.Lighting plays a pivotal role, crafting an intimate focus on the customer experience. The delicate equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics is meticulously maintained, with each element handcrafted and designed for an experience that allows for familiarity for the space to build while never allowing for diners to grow out of the vibe of the space.

Inspired by Carlo Scarpa, designed by Samir Raut, Muro exudes a sense of evolved sophistication. The space mirrors the coziness of a home coupled with the hospitality of a high-end restaurant. With multiple layers and transitional vibes transitioning from cafe to bar to a private lounge to a natural outdoor space created to highlight the greenery of the city, every facet is thoughtfully designed.

Address: Muro No.5, Onyx Centre, Museum Road, Bangalore – 560001 &

– Atelier Nowhere Worli, Mumbai

For Reservations: +91 (080) 69454040

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