HTC Wants To Launch Smartphones Again, Time To Get Excited?

Last Updated: December 07, 2023, 18:19 IST

HTC is keen to continue its mobile division next year

The Taiwan-based company exited the Indian market few years back but it wants to continue making and selling phones.

Remember HTC? The company which launched good-looking phones like the HTC One and Wildfire is looking to make its comeback in the smartphone market and we could see something concrete in 2024. The company has been launching its phones in select markets in the past few years, but it is looking to intensify its focus on the market next year, as highlighted by the company’s global marketing head.

HTC plans to have more than a few phones launching every year, which might not sound like a lot, compared to other established brands but for HTC that still counts for something. It doesn’t sell phones in countries like India anymore, something that even Sony has also exited with its Xperia series.

HTC had to slow down its mobile division after it was sold to Google many years back, which catapulted the birth of the Google Pixel lineup. HTC has been struggling to run its division after losing the core mobile team and instead built more products like the HTC Vive to compete with the mixed reality category. But the new developments this week will surely get people excited about a brand which has a history of making phones with the best designs. So, where will see HTC compete in the mobile market?

Going by the statements made by the company’s chief, HTC wants to bring phones in the mid-range segment, where it could use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 Gen series chipset. It feels like the brand doesn’t want to enter the flagship market, where it would have to rely on the Snapdragon 8 Gen chipsets which are on the expensive side.

All this means that HTC will have to compete with brands like Nothing and OnePlus rather than Apple and Samsung, which was the case for many years.

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