Orry Breaks Silence On Leaked Chat With Palak Tiwari In Long Rant; ‘Never Heard Such Nonsense From Someone…’

Sabka dost Orry aka Orhan Awatramani has now broken his silence about the controversial chat with Palak Tiwari, which he leaked on social media. During the wee hours of Monday, Orry shared a screenshot of his chat with Palak Tiwari where the actress could be seen apologizing to him. However, he deleted the chhats soon but not before his followers could take a screenshot.

The internet, particulary Reddit went crzay with assumptions and came to the conclusion that the duo had a fight during New Years Eve party. In the leaked screenshot, Palak can be seen apologising to Orry, but the latter went ahead and sent her a ‘middle-finger’ emoticon. In the chats, Palak mentioned that she was only apologizing to him because of Sara which fans assumed is Sara Ali Khan.

Now, replying to a user on Reddit, Orry shared a long rant and finally adressed the chats. He said, “Why is no one asking what she’s apologising for ..? Think about it ? Youl r grilling me for not happily accepting her apology ? But she’s obviously apologising for smth she did that was wrong.. wrong enough that a 3rd party had to get involved and make her see it correctly.”

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He added, “Do you think 1) she would apologise 2) I would story it like that 3) others would tell her to apologise. If she was not very very very wrong in some action and crossed a line ? I have friends in all departments.. pls check my friend list it goes beyond the young generation actors.. and I have never ever behaved like this because I have never heard such nonsense from someone before.”

Meanwhile, Palak Tiwari has been rumoured to be dating Sara Ali Khan’s brother, Ibrahim Ali Khan. The duo was also spotted leaving a New Year Party together.

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