Planning To Grow Potatoes At Home? Follow These Tips

Choosing the right kind of seeds is the first step.

All one needs is a large space and the right resources and tools to grow potatoes at home.

Potatoes are considered one of the most popular vegetables that is consumed by everyone, and it is easily available in every household. Potatoes are easily accessible and can be used to make any kind of dish. They can be added to almost every cuisine and add a lot of flavour to the dishes. Most people buy potatoes from the vegetable markets. This vegetable is grown in farms; from there, it is transported to the markets. People can also grow potatoes at home easily. All one needs is a large space and the right resources and tools to grow it. So, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to grow potatoes at home:

Choosing the Right Seeds: One of the most important things to consider when growing potatoes at home is choosing the right kind of seeds. It has been advised that only certified seeds should be used for growing the vegetable at home. Many plantation experts have advised that potatoes can also be grown without seeds. One can just plant a potato, which has white sprouts coming out of it, into the soil. This will help in growing the vegetable at home.

Choosing the Right Soil: For any plant to grow properly, the most important thing is the soil. In order to grow potatoes at home, the right amount of fertiliser should be added so that the vegetable can grow properly. Take 50 percent soil, 30 percent vermicompost, and 20 percent coco peat. Mix them well and put them in a big pot.

Maintain Moisture by Watering: As per plantation experts, cold weather is considered the best for growing potatoes. It is also important to check the amount of moisture in the soil, as too much of it can even damage the vegetable. In such a situation, keep the soil neither too wet nor too dry. Keep watering, but do not fill the entire pot. It has been found that potato seeds can rot due to excessive watering.

Apply fertiliser: Another important thing that should be added to maintain the health of potatoes at home is fertiliser. They maintain the overall health of the plant and also protect it from insects. Usually, it takes around 2–3 months for a potato plant to grow. Fertilisers should not be added once the potatoes are ripe.

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