Surreal Anatomies and Architectural Motifs Emerge from Elegant Sculptural Candles — Colossal



November 22, 2023

Grace Ebert

Aline Asmar d’Amman, “Aspiration.” All images by Carl Halal, © House of Today

Ten Lebanese designers have collaborated with artisans from the Beit Chabab Hospital Workshop to create a unique, limited-edition collection of sculptural candles. The initiative of the nonprofit House of Today, The Candle Project features ten carved, wax works in varying colors and styles, ranging from Aline Asmar d’Amman’s architectural “Aspiration” with winding staircases to LimbObject’s surreal entanglement of hands and arms. Each piece is available from House of Today, with proceeds benefiting the hospital and the nonprofit’s mentorship program. (via designboom)


a sun-like candle with wicks at the end of the rays

Richard Yasmine, “Sinking sun for another one”

two carnal globs in pink and white coil together

Flavie Audi, “Nothing is forever”

a round candle with a diamond shaped pattern all over the surface

Nada Debs, “Spiritual sphere”

a light purple flower-like candle on a green and pink backdrop

Carla Baz, “Chrysalis”

two images, on left is a blue tower of three orbs with splotches on the surface. on left are two candles that appear like architectural ornamentation

Left: Sayar & Garibeh, “Flaws.” Right: 200 Grs, “Blrrrrr”

a red candle in the shape of an orb with braided elements and hands reaching out

LimbObject, “I am here”

a squiggly purple candle

Tamara Barrage, “Silhouettes”



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