Thames Valley a 2024 hotspot

Thames Valley – situated west of London – will be a hotspot in 2024, according to Twickenham-based SO Resi.

It’s director of sales, Kevin Sims, said proximity to London and low commuting times give the region a significant edge.

Sims said: “This means that the Thames Valley region is proving to be a property hotspot this year, with a markedly denser population than its home counties counterparts.

“Made up of a patchwork of small and medium-sized metropolitan hubs, the Thames Valley has benefited from government investment, fast travel links and access to London salaries.

“Many of its urban centres, such as the likes of Bracknell and Slough, have shaken off their less desirable reputations and are now considered strategic locations for work, travel and play.

“Bracknell’s multi-million regeneration has created a new town centre and essential housing, while Slough is a strategic location on the Elizabeth Line, and is home to the highest concentration of global HQs in the country.

“Places in the Home Counties and especially Thames Valley will continue to have a steady stream of buyers in 2024 for these reasons, but mainly affordability.”

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