Two iOS 17.2 Features Will Be COMING Out In 2024: What You Need To Know

Last Updated: December 14, 2023, 08:30 IST

Some of the iOS 17.2 features didn’t make it to the final release

Apple iOS 17.2 update for iPhone users has come out this week but some of the features have been delayed till next year.

iOS 17.2 update has finally released this week and many iPhone users have been waiting to try out the new features that have been teased via the iOS 17.2 beta version for the past few weeks. iPhone 15 Pro users get a new spatial video feature, while all iPhone users get the new Journal app among other system improvements. However, some of you might have missed out on the fact that two features that were expected with the iOS 17.2 update didn’t actually come out.

AirPlay For Hotels

During the WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple showcased a new version of AirPlay that works across hotels that was supposedly coming with the iOS 17.2 version but new reports suggest that timeline has now been pushed to 2024 without giving a clearer idea about when it is likely to roll out.

The AirPlay feature is supposed to help Apple users scan a QR code on their hotel’s TV to help them safely share videos, photos and music from the iPhone to the big screen. The company is likely to support TVs from brands like Samsung and LG, while the list of hotels should become clearer closer to the release date.

Apple Music Collaborative Playlist

As the name suggests, Apple Music users will have the option to jam in with friends, get them to add their favourite tracks, or even remove the less popular ones. The feature was part of the iOS 17.2 beta version but reports say Apple removed it over concerns about spam.

While these two features are delayed, Apple has already started work on iOS 17.3 beta version, which is going to bring new useful features like stolen iPhone protection, making it hard for thieves to reset the device. Keep an eye out for more features that iPhone users can expect to receive in the future iOS 17 updates.

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