Voters prioritising household effiiency – PropertyWire

More than three quarters (77%) of voters across ten marginal constituencies want the government to do more to help make homes more energy efficient.

That is according to research by pollsters at J.L. Partners on behalf of Grundfos, a firm specialising in pump solutions and water technologies.

The polling suggests that people are interested in cost-effective energy efficiency solutions but don’t know where to find them.

James Johnson, co-founder of J.L. Partners, said: “This study has helped improve our understanding of voters’ relationship to energy efficiency and how it may impact their behaviour at the ballot box.

“People are far more likely to support parties that shine a light on the cost-effective energy efficiency solutions that can lower bills for a great many households and businesses.”

Energy bills are a big factor, as most (71%) in bellwether seats believe the government is not doing enough to help households lower them.

Consumers are prepared to invest an average of £500 yearly in improving their energy efficiency.

Despite this, insulation is the energy upgrade that most (49%) are inclined to invest in, even though it costs between £1,400 and £10,000.

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