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During the first day of the second Test against New Zealand, Bangladesh cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim faced a bizarre dismissal on the first day as his innings was cut short on 35 off 83 deliveries. The Bangladesh wicketkeeper-batter fell victim to ‘handling the ball’ while facing New Zealand’s Kyle Jamieson, becoming the first cricketer from Bangladesh to be dismissed in this manner. He joined former cricketers Mohinder Amarnath, Mohsin Khan, and Michael Vaughan, who have all been dismissed this way.

Mushfiqur Rahim was dismissed handling the ball against NZ(FanCode)

The unusual episode occurred in the 41st over when Rahim defended a rising delivery, causing the ball to bounce high after the defensive stroke. In an attempt to prevent it from hitting the stumps, Rahim, in a moment of urgency, inadvertently handled the ball, even when it appeared that the ball had changed its trajectory towards the off-side. Cricket regulations strictly forbid a batsman from touching the ball during their innings, though they are permitted to use the bat or leg to intercept it. Rahim’s actions prompted an appeal from the New Zealand fielders, and the umpires duly supported the appeal, leading to Rahim’s dismissal.

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Here’s what the rulebook says on ‘Handling The Ball’ dismissal:

Out Handled the ball:(a) Either batsman is out Handled the ball if he wilfully touches the ball while in play with a hand or hands not holding the bat unless he does so with the consent of a fielder. (b) Either batsman is out under this Law if, while the ball is in play, and without the consent of a fielder, he uses his hand or hands not holding the bat to return the ball to any fielder.

Not out Handled the ball: Notwithstanding (a) above, a batsman will not be out under this Law if he handles the ball to avoid injury.

Notably, Rahim had a close call with handling the ball in the first over of the second session as well. Unfortunately for Bangladesh, Rahim’s dismissal occurred at a crucial juncture, disrupting the steady partnership he had built with Shahadat Hossain. The 57-run stand was unexpectedly terminated, leaving Bangladesh struggling at 104/5 after choosing to bat first.

Bangladesh are leading the series 1-0, having registered a 150-run win in the opening match in Sylhet.

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