Asha Bhosle Asks About Rising Divorce Rate, People Not Having Kids; Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Says, ‘Lost…’

Veteran singer Asha Bhosle recently talked about rising divorce rates among the current generation. She also opened up about how she managed to raise kids, even after experiencing difficulties in her married life. In conversation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the singer talked about how the meaning of love has changed over time and how relationships have lost their sanctity.

She said that she is a 90-year-old woman. She got married, had three kids, and took them to her mother’s house when things got difficult in her marriage, but she never thought of filing for divorce. She said, “But nowadays, every month I hear about divorces. Why is this happening?”

The spiritual guru joked that the generations of that time had her music to turn to in difficult times. He added that these days, people have become more self-centred and brittle. He stated that they take rash decisions very quickly.

Ravi Shankar said, “They only think about themselves. It wasn’t like this in our times. All our attention used to be on respecting others and not hurting their feelings. People have lost this sensitivity.”

The singer also wondered why having children has become a burden for women these days. She said, “Not only among the poor, even the middle class and the rich are hesitant about having kids… I started singing at the age of 10. I had three children; I’ve grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. I was working day and night, but I wasn’t alone. I got them educated, married, settled… But people these days feel having kids with only increase their problems.”

The entire conversation was uploaded on Ravi Shankar’s YouTube channel.

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